Super Mom, Super Wardrobe

I'm not totally sure when it happened but baby Grey has grown up.  Gone are the days of spit up, diapers, being covered in soggy cheerios and countless clothing changes. I no longer have to worry about having yogurt thrown at me without warning and to me that means one thing: wardrobe upgrade. Since the prospect of being hit by flying food has diminished, my fabric options have broadened.  I c...


Tea Time

Ali: H&M dress, J. Crew belt, Jocelyn scarf, Gianvito Rossi shoes, Celine bag, Cartier and David Yurman bracelets Grey: J. Crew shirt, Bitz Kids pants, Zara sneakers, GapKids sunglasses

Call Me Crazy

Ah, March Spring Break...what a beautiful thing. Grey and I decided to take full advantage, escaping the polar vortex and heading to Florida for some fun in the sun. A magical decision that resulted in trading one sartorial dilemma (is five layers of clothing enough to combat single digit temps?) for another (what do I buy for Grey because he has grown five inches since last summer?). I know I...


Happy Face

Grey: Old Navy shirt and tee, Zara blazer, Bitz Kinds pants, Converse sneakers