In with the New

January 10th, 2019 admin

2019, I am ready for you.

After spending the better part of 2018 focused on getting my new home finished and furnished and, consequently, covered in paint, I only got dressed on days that I was client facing. All of other days I used the housework as an excuse to wear sweatpants and a baseball hat. After all, who has time for real clothes and make-up when there is a kid to acclimate, a household to manage, dogs to rescue, and a company to run?

With too much on my plate, I took the personal path of least resistance, letting my standards for self-care slip. I stopped meditating, barely worked out, prioritized other people’s needs and settled for service professionals that didn’t deliver dynamic results. I ended the year wholly uninspired – totally burnt out, and totally unlike myself – but resolved to elicit change.

I know I was not alone in the self-care blackout of 2018, as evidenced by the influx of new client requests that I have received over the past two weeks. New bookings are up 400% over January 2018, with each new client citing that they have finally had it with their wardrobe. It is a resounding “enough is enough”, and it is empowering. I am super inspired to build a slew of amazing new wardrobes this Spring, including my own.

My mantra for 2019: out with the old (comfort zone), in with the new (empowered zone).

Who’s with me?