New Year, New (Nothing)

January 14th, 2020 admin

Happy 2020, y’all!

Having set the intention to focus only on endeavors that feel authentic, I have decided to slow down in January and embrace mindfulness.

My goal: to create abundance with merely a change in attitude.

My plan: To optimize how I spend my time, energy AND my money by eliminating unnecessary drains on all three.

As such, I have instituted a “no new clothing purchases” challenge for myself for 90 days. I have plenty of clothing and accessories that I love and, to be honest, living in the Northeast doesn’t inspire Spring wardrobe needs until at least April.

For clients, I am instituting a similar policy for the month of January. While it might seem crazy for a stylist to refuse to bring clients new product, a brief shopping moratorium is super beneficial. Instead, we will focus on editing and styling preexisting pieces, and these conversations will give us the insight to move into Spring with a fresh eye.

Needs aside, as a personal shopper there is a lot of temptation, but I’m determined to make good on my commitment…as long as a below market value Chanel bag opportunity doesn’t arise. Want help editing? Just reach out, 🙂