Closet Conundrum – Significant Weight Loss

May 22nd, 2013 admin

I recently met with an amazing client who reached the 50lb mark of a 60lb weight loss target. She had been reluctant to purchase any new items until she hit her goal weight but, since she had absolutely nothing that was valid from last year, she was in desperate need of some pieces to wear this summer. I told her both she and her wardrobe would be in good shape with minimal investment as long as we visited inexpensive retailers, targeted items with stretch and shied away from anything with a heavily tailored construction.

If you are going through a drastic body transformation and need to buy some new items to wear while in transition, focus on the following categories:

  • Knitwear: cardigans, slouchy sweaters and jackets with knit combos
  • Skirts: flowy silhouettes are a much easier fit and can be easily tailored easily if your waist slims out
  • Blouses: silhouettes that can be worn now and tucked in or belted when you reach your goal weight
  • Dresses: wrap dresses, silhouettes that can be belted and maxi dresses in a stretch fabrication
  • Leggings: one size fits all or super-stretch jeggings

You will absolutely feel better about your new body if you wear clothes that fit. Purchase some transitional pieces that flatter your new shape and I guarantee you will harness the extra motivation that you need to hit your goal weight.