Quest for the Best: Slouchy Slim Denim

One of the qualities that I most admire in friends and aspire to in my personal relationships is fierce loyalty. I am loyal to friends, loyal to IMG_2885 Read More

Buying Under the Influence

This weekend I met with a new client whose wardrobe was really disjointed. She had a lot of clothing but felt like she was in a style rut because her classification balance was off. She was oversaturated in the dress department and and underdeveloped in blouses and knits. Getting dressed for anything casual or business casual was impossible because she didnt have anything to wear with her botto...



Ali: Rebecca Taylor sweater, Isabel Marant skirt, YSL clutch, Giuseppe Zanotti heels, Warby Parker glasses, Vale bracelet

Clean Your Closet

One of the mantras that my mom instilled in me when I was growing up is that cleanliness is next to godliness. She always made sure the house was perfect for entertaining and took pride in her home. While I didnt fully buy into it until I had an apartment of my own, I specifically remember my first lesson in organization. At ten years old I needed to find my gymnastics team leotard for a team p...