Inspiration Cross-Pollination

One of the things I really appreciate about my job is that each client and project is very different from the next. I wear a lot of different hats, both figuratively and literally, and the variety keeps me on my toes. As I sit in front of my computer and plan for the projects I have on queue for this weekend (a home decor project, a mens wear business casual buy and a personal shopping appointm...


A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

Ali: Forever21 shirt and dress, Steve Madden sandals, RayBan sunglasses, Forever21 necklace, Cartier and Vale bracelets, Shana Lee earrings Grey: GapKids shirt, Zara jeans and hat, Converse sneakers

Glass Half Full

I recently had a conversation with a client that, at least in my opinion, was revelatory. She was giving herself a hard time about previous purchases that were never worn. While I encourage internal criticism to a certain degree, I put a cap on it when it becomes self indulgent. Instead of beating yourself up over mistakes, focus on the learning process. If you look at the reasons why you purc...


Sunflower Summer

Ali: Gemma top, Forever21 shorts, Givenchy bag, Fendi shoes, Warby Parker sunglasses, Rolex Watch, Wink Necklace Grey: GapKids shirt, Zara jeans, Converse sneakers