Fashion FOMO

I have a client who suffers from Fashion FOMO. For her, the anxiety is specifically triggered at preschool drop-off. She hones in on a trend and perseverates, seeing it as the key to a fashion secret society that she hasn’t yet accessed. If left to her own devices, she would buy it all. In fact, prior to hiring me, she had. She got so caught up in the dynamism of the fashion industry that she w...


Denim Days

Ali: BD Baggies shirt, vintage Miss Sixty jeans, Aquazzura shoes Grey: Crewcuts shirt, Zara jeans, belt and shoes

Wardrobe Best Practices

As some of you already know, I linked up with GoodLooks, an online platform of vetted lifestyle experts, as one of their fashion stylists ( As a busy, working mom with a penchant for compartmentalizing and overachieving, I love the concept of outsourcing to the optimize areas of my life that I'm not particularly adept at handling (ie meal planning and food prep). I'm admittedl...