If it feels urgent, it’s not spiritual

June 5th, 2019 admin

I had a client interaction the other night that was particularly meaningful for me given my initial motivation to found Ali Call Consulting and create a safe space for clients to build healthy shopping habits.

At 11pm, she was zealously sharing links to handbags like her life depended on having the perfect crossbody bag for summer, determined to purchase before the clock struck midnight . I’ve know this client for a very long time, so I knew what was disrupting her energy. Rather than co-signing her purchase, I reminded her that if it feels urgent, it’s not spiritual, and let’s circle back with fresh eyes in the morning.

Impulsive shopping is not a new concept, it has probably existed in some way, shape or form since the dawn of commerce, and has definitely increased with the advent of the internet. The convenience with which we can execute the purchase of inspiring looks on Instagram is astonishing, but it can also be a trap for those who aren’t operating with clarity.

When we are mindful of what is driving the purchases, we can thrive in the shopping environment: we have access to so much amazing product and can cherry pick from the best of the best. However, if we feel like product acquisition is urgent or anxiety fueled, the purchase is about filling a void, not fulfilling a need.

If you feel driven to purchase during times of heightened stress, go slow. Set it down and give yourself the chance to self-regulate. In taking a measured approach (and a deep breath), you may find the clarity you need in the pause, support emotional balance, and avoid buyer’s remorse altogether.

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